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Our teambuilding division of Bodies in Motion delivers top notch, professional, and effective experiential programs to companies of all sizes every week. Another notable trait about our teambuilding is that it’s BEYOND normal!

For instance, building a working catapult, being belayed upside down to put a puzzle together, breaking boards to reinforce a goal setting concept, traversing the “Earthquake Bridge” arm in arm with a co-worker to reinforce communication and trust, are just some of the things you’ll do at Bodies in Motion!

We believe that a true teambuilding experience comes from one that is memorable, encourages a group to struggle with a solution, and allows everyone to laugh throughout the journey. You will not find outdated or ineffective teambuilding exercises at Bodies in Motion.

Our mission is to leave a team with an experience that will improve communication, trust, and
camaraderie within a company.

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729 West Diamond Street, Boise, ID
Phone: (208) 381-0587