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Mission Possible Teambuilding

Get ready as you and your team quickly transform into special agents, on a mission to crack the code of a foreign king pin who threatens stealing something dear to all Americans. Your field training will involve tactical ground initiatives, self-defense training, and last, but not least, high ropes training intermixed with cryptology. Don’t let the description scare you. We’re not trying to make a Chuck Norris film or anything. Your facilitators will make this experience ultra fun and exciting. At some point or another many of us have romanticized about being a special agent with abilities, out the reach of most human beings, and this particular workshop allows just that in a safe and exciting environment.

Estimated time: 3 hours

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Teambuilding Express

For the team that is needing a quick adventure experience to enhance their work day. Nothing gets the mind and body going better than a high ropes, aerial adventure, with our Teambuilding Express workshop. Use this experience to kickstart the workday, or to bring excitement to a lunch hour. Use it to reward your team, or simply to remind them that their company rocks by bringing them for such a cool experience.

Estimated time: 45 minutes

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Bootcamp Fitness Teambuilding

The sweating will continue until morale improves! Of course, that is tongue in cheek. But, have you ever considered sweating as a means of building your team? It’s kind of a weird thought, but check this out… One of the ways teams bond is by overcoming mental and physical struggle. The armed forces have been doing this for years. During this experience team members will be challenged through a 40 minute bootcamp style fitness class. Team members will persevere, together, to complete the required repetitions in this fun, but yet challenging workout.

Once the entire team is finished, they will take to High Ropes where their next challenge awaits them. Our course can be pretty challenging as is. Now, team members will experience this in a whole new light with fatigued muscles. Team members will work together using encouragement, communication, trust, and physical help to conquer this challenge.

Estimated time: 1 ½ hours

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Catapult Your Team

Unite your team using ingenuity. Then, hit em’ with water balloons! In this outrageously exciting event, team members will sit through a short lecture in which they will learn everything there is to know about mechanical engineering. Okay, so they probably won’t be passing any Fundamentals of Engineering exam anytime soon, but they will at least know how to build a real, human sized, PVC catapult.

Team members will collaborate to design and build their own catapult. Points will be awarded to the team that is able to aim and shoot their catapult accurately. Of course, no teambuilding event is complete without a siege from the other team. Teams will complete this event with a Battle Ship style competition with their catapults and water balloons.

Estimated time: 2 to 2 ½ hours

Teambuilding Catapult Legend


Breaking Through Barriers

Teach your team to Dream, Believe, Achieve, and Succeed with this powerful goal setting workshop. This amazing workshop was designed by Duncan Richardson, former Independent Representative for the Zig Ziglar organization and 5th Degree Black Belt. Duncan took his experience with the Ziglar organization and blended it with the coveted ability to blast through pine boards with bare hands and created a unique way to accomplish goals.

In this workshop, team members will learn goal setting essentials. They will set goals as individuals, then learn how to set goals as a group. Upon identifying their “obstacles” in the goal setting process, they will metaphorically use a board as their list of barriers. Team members will be taught how to focus, breathe, and execute a proper palm heel strike in order to Break Through Barriers. The experience is fun, exhilarating and enlightening at the same time.

Estimated time: 2 hours

Teambuilding Breaking Through Barriers Legend


Teambuilding Adventure

Build your team with an array of activities that are designed to encourage trust, communication, goal setting, and teamwork. For 45 minutes, team members will participate in riveting ground initiatives such as The Human Knot, The Human Hurdle, The Water Transport, and other exercises that bring a team together.

Team members will then take to the High Ropes Course for a continuation of their teambuilding experience. On the ropes, harnessed in at about 20 feet above ground, team members will work together to successfully manipulate the elements. After team members have acclimated to the course and have conquered a few of the elements, the teambuilding challenge will rise to another level with challenges such as the Mission Impossible Drop or the Aqua Pass.

Estimated time: 1 ½ hour

Teambuilding Adventure Legend


Ultimate Kickboxing Teambuilding

One of the best ways to build a team is to build a physique… TOGETHER!  Bring your team together to embark on a journey that will literally change their lives forever.  In the Ultimate Kickboxing teambuilding experience, team members will learn how to set goals, and log food, as well as learning which foods will help make them lean and mean.  They’ll be held accountable by our instructors, as well as their fellow team members.

Team members will participate in 4 to 6 fitness classes per week that are guaranteed to make them stronger, more flexible, and cardiovascularly more fit.  The workouts will consist of a series of cardio kickboxing classes as well resistance training.  The experience is absolutely amazing when fellow team members encourage each other every single day to achieve their goals.

Teambuilding Ultimate Kickboxing Legend


Teambuilding Retreat

Remove your team from their normal element and spend the day at Bodies in Motion. Use our large conference room to host a speaker or to strategize company goals, or both. Leave the food up to us. We’ll provide breakfast & lunch by Sandella’s Flatbread Café and coffee by Dawson Taylor.

We can either be the finale of your teambuilding retreat by providing any of the experiences above, or we can be opener of the event. It’s up to you and your team. Choose either a ½ day (4 hour) teambuilding retreat or full day (8 hour) teambuilding retreat.

To schedule your Teambuilding Retreat, please call 208.381.0587 and select the Ropes Course option.  At this time, we will ask a few questions to discover the exact type of experience you are looking to provide to your team.  We will then provide you with a quote for the Teambuilding Retreat.

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